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I am currently looking for 2.1 computer set up, because my room isn't that big. I have been using Logitech X-530 5.1 ever since high school, quite awhile ago. I moved to smaller place, I can't really fully utilize 5.1 set up anymore. And it's dying down on me, random static, volume sometimes fluctuates. All my friends suggest Logitech Z-2300 or Z-5500. Z-5500's a beast when I heard it at my friend's place. My room's kinda too small for 5.1 so sadly no Z-5500 for me. Lately I came across Edifier's S330D 2.1, it's on par with Z-2300. Z-2300 bass seems powerful to me and S330D's treble sounds a tiny bit more clear I think? and the bass isn't as powerful at least for me. I can get both around the price both under $150, S330D's a bit cheaper actually. If price isn't an issue. I am just curious which one would be a better choice? I am currently leading towards Z-2300. S330D sounds about the same to me but the blue LED is on the controller ticks me off and bass controller's on the sub-woofer. All of my friends still say Z-2300 because they haven't heard of Edifier. I would like some advice from other people perhaps with expertise on this matter before I make my purchase, because to be honest I can't really tell a significant difference between the two. I listen to almost any genre when it comes to music, I do game occasionally, oh I watch movies/show a lot on my computer!

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Edifier S3330D

Logitech Z-2300,EN
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  1. The logitech z-2300 specs:
    Total RMS power: 200 watts RMS
    Satellites: 80 watts RMS (40 watts x 2)
    Subwoofer: 120 watts RMS
    Total peak power: 400 watts
    Frequency response: 35 Hz–20 kHz
    Signal-to-noise ratio @ 1 kHz: >100 dB

    The Edifier s330D specs:
    Power Output: RMS 36W + 18W x 2 (THD=10%)
    Signal to Noise Ratio: >=85dBA
    Amplifier Distortion: THD+N<0.5%
    Input Impendence: 10K Ohm
    Input Sensitivity: 400mv. (+/- 50mV)
    Frequency Respense: 55Hz - 20KHz

    So... The logitechs claim to have a better frequency response. This is probably true since the Edifier sub has only a 6" woofer compared to logitech 8". The only thing that worries me is that the logitech's don't give a THD rating. I've heard the logitechs before and they sound pretty good for a 2.1 pc speaker set. My suggestion is to hear both sets for yourself before you settle on a purchase.
  2. Audioengine A2/A5.
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