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I just got my new HD, which is SATA. Wanting to go cheap, I got an OEM box from newEgg. I didn't realize that you need an adapter to connect the regular 4-hole molex connector to the special SATA-style power connector on the drive. Have you guys heard of this? should this adapter have been included with the OEM drive? I was quite surprised to find this out when I opened the drive. I also got a new Aspire 520w power supply, but all of the connectors appear to be regular large 4-hole molex, or the smaller floppy drive power cables. Any thoughts?
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  1. Not a surprise here - I had the same thing happen to me last year with a Seagate, but I noticed it said adapter cable needed somewhere near there (might have been a review), so I knew to buy one. OEM means it's the bare drive without accessories. Some PSUs come with SATA power adapters built in, so its not always a 'required accessory'.

    You can get an adapter from newegg for just a few bucks.

  2. I have about 30 of those, I never throw anything out.

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  3. Yes, your motherboard should have included the adapters. All of my SATA-enabled boards have.

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