Why cant you view edited photos in any program other than adobe photoshop?

hi i have adobe photoshop CS5, ive edited a few photos using it, saved them to my documents/pictured file on my computer, but when i come to look at them, theres no photo, well its there but it doesnt show you the photo if you get my meaning, and it wont open in any other program than photoshop, e.g. it wont open in windows gallery etc. or even upload to a social network, facebook for example.

can somebody explain to me please?
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  1. What format are you saving the photos in after editing them in Photoshop.
    If you are saving them in Photoshop's native format they will only open in Photoshop.

    If you save them as JPG or BMP files they should be opened by Windows utilities and other graphics programs.

    If you have any problems with BMP or JPG files, Right click on the file name and use the Open With options.
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