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OK, so I bought this card off a friend a while back and I'm pretty sure I'm not getting the full extent out of it, or its a crappy piece. So he didnt have a cd to give me so I did some investigating and I guess its a OEM card and didnt come with one.
Model # SB0570

Well I have the Logitech Z-5500 speaker set up plugged into the card and I have sound no problem. Plugged in the card, plug and play auto updated the drivers. My problem is I get barely any to no sound from the middle, and the bass works but barely kicks. I had the Z-5300 before these plugged into just my other mobo at the time and that made my house shake. Now the bass works but its not effective till the speakers are too loud to sound decent. (I want to be able to feel like Im riding in a tank, but still retain my hearing for future use)

Also, being OEM I dont have the software that goes with it. I thought this may be the problem so I went on the creative site and got the programs, but they wont install, they tell me to insert the cd...... -_- .......they have a page telling you to run it from "run" and add -a -deleter for it to work but that didnt work for me either. So I dont know if my problems are cause i dont have software or the card cause I cant install the software =(

As it stands, my sound pretty much is as good as the Logitech X-90, just can go alot louder and I want to know if anyone has any solutions or if I should buy a new card.

It's wanted for: 95% games, 4% movies, 1% music

Also, I'm running vista 64 if that matters.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. I believe you need the console for it to regulate each speakers volume, tho you can also do this with your 5500s, just not as well.
    Look at these, see if its already what you have from creative, hope it works
  2. well i downloaded the major geeks program and it said i dont have the right hardware for it. (but my SB audigy is working properly)

    and its gunna take a awhile to get all the pieces from tomshardware as I dont have a rapidshare acct. but I'll let you know how that goes ASAP
  3. Good. I had another iso link somewheres, let me know, I can search again. If you can find a link to an iso, youre in.
  4. ok, so I found a ISO, had to install it with compatibility with XP. now i have programs, YAY. (I still have sound from all 5 speakers, not middle i dont think ) but it feels that its still reading it like it was 2 speakers...raising and lowering the rear, sub, middle volume do nothing, and lowering both front speakers cuts out all sound. Is this normal?

    Vista 64 problem cuz i ran in compatability?

    Sorry it took so long to get back, school started again =S
  5. No, that sounds like its still 2.1 stereo, with no middle, and the fronts controlling everything.
    Just make sure you have the exact files. Does the control panel fully work? I mean for the other things?
    You may have to refamiliarize yourself with it also
  6. Make sure the CMSS is on, and not the stereo surround, thats in the EAX console
  7. I have Creative SoundBlaster Audigy Platinum EX and it does the same thing, after fiddling around, I found out that the center channel is very weak but everything else is fine even the even the external box.

    I don't think you are missing something on your driver if already installed the software. Unfortunately, your newly acquired soundcard is crippled.
  8. I have the 2Zs, and in the console, you can set the volume in the speaker settings, plus center the sound as well, from front back right left. Plus the center
    Maybe the console isnt the same?
  9. I have other Sound Blaster sound cards and Audigy 2 ZS is one of them. I don't remember if the original platinum or platinum ex uses the same chip design but if the driver is installed with all the volume control is active but still no sound on center channel unless he's setting is on stereo or quadraphonic then it's the board.
  10. well it allows me to set to 5.1, so its not on sterio...but its still only recognizing a 2.1 system i guess you would say. Maybe Ill just get a new card that comes vista ready.

    (sorry for the slow response, I didnt get a email this time saying there was a reply)
  11. How about the 5500 itself, it too has a surround, which basically sends more to the rear speakers
  12. i dont know...since i got it the middle, surround, and sub levels on the 5500 have been set to max...other sites say that if the sub is at max it should be tearing down the house...but if all levels are being controlled from only the front 2 speakers then its not giving the full effect right?
  13. If its pure stereo from your card, the sub is by passed, so be careful, when it does kick in, trust me.
    It seems youre in stereo only mode, you need to activate css mode for surround in the control panel for your card, also make sure your windows speakers setup is for 5.1 as well
  14. a couple a screen shots:

    shows that its set to 5.1 and that CMSS is checked. But even so, when I click the Channel button the voice/noise i still only get noise out of the 2 front speakers.

    The third screen shot is from the Creative Console Launcher and it wont let me click anything in it so if thats another CMSS i need to click i cant.

    Now, I am getting sound from all speakers/sub but they are being controlled by just the 2 front and thats what im trying to fix just to make sure its clear....
  15. i get the same problem i did fix it once but then i lost it
    the z5500 console in direct mode works fine but not in test mode or noise mode its like yours 2.1 system
    sometimes the z5500 console doesnt work at all in stereo 1 2 or 3 so i only use it in direct mode
  16. I used to use it in Direct or Stereo X2 becuase they were just louder, but now i try to keep it in Music or movie mode with the hopes that it will give me slightly better sound.
  17. if i use 6 ch direct everything works fine , noise test, diagostics man cant believe i took so long to work it out, doh!

    in some games i do the same as you yodathegreen movies or music sounds better :)
  18. Holy Crap, I just changed it "6 channel direct" and did the channel test, and it did all speakers individually! Odd that in movie or music mode it only reads from 2 speakers.
  19. yodathegreen said:
    Holy Crap, I just changed it "6 channel direct" and did the channel test, and it did all speakers individually! Odd that in movie or music mode it only reads from 2 speakers.

    If your settings are like these:

    PC = 6 CH Direct, Z-5500 = 6 CH direct equals the amount of channels from source. If you get all 6 channels then you're getting 5.1 discrete signal as long as you're source is 5.1 like your speaker test.

    PC = 6 CH Direct, Z-5500 = PL2 music/movie equals 5.1 channel matrix whatever channels the source.

    Reason why you're only getting 4 channels before is that you're using CMSS. Also using analog signal only, limit you from using DTS passthrough and the Audigy SE must decode the signal but I'm not sure if it's capable of such processing.

    For a while I couldn't see the pictures you posted due to my internet explorer setup, now that I see... I don't think that is the right control panel/screen your Audigy SE should have. Are you sure you got the right driver?

    Check here: SE&subCatName=Audigy&CatName=Sound+Blaster
  20. Best answer
    I appologize for being lazy as I assumed you got the right driver.

    I just went to the link you gave and here's what I found out.

    From MajorGeeks:

    If you have a Creative Sound Blaster Audigy with Windows XP or Windows 2000, you need to download and install the latest 32-bit Audigy audio device driver before installing this Audio Console Application.
    Do not install this driver for the Creative Sound Blaster Audigy 2 ZS Notebook PCMCIA, Sound Blaster Audigy LS or Sound Blaster Audigy SE audio device.

    Download your driver here:
  21. well I can set custom volume levels now as long as I stay on 6 ch direct. so im good now. thanks for your help ^_^
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