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can you recommend some decent PC and PS3 compatible speakers. My existing set isn't SPDIF compatible so I can't connect it to my ps3. Probably sound *** if I could anyways. I'm looking for a 5.1 set with SPDIF thats average. I don't want to spend too much. Also I'll need a matching sound card because my motherboard has cheapo sound card. Even a cheap creative 24bit live sounds better !!!
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  1. Logitech Z-5500?
  2. ^^Co-signed. Also comes with DD/DTS decoders, so you can get 5.1 out of you're PS3.

    Note though: S-pdif can NOT carry 5.1 unless its already encoded with Dolby Digital/DTS, unless Dolby Digitial Live is used to upmix the signal. As such, if you connect to you're PC via spdif, you will only get 2.0 sound. (Its a limitation of Spdif, not the speakers)

    I recommend the following setup:
    PS3->Spdif->Z5500 (5.1 via Dolby Digital/DTS)
    PC->Analog 3.5mm->Z5500 (5.1 PCM)

    BTW, can you hook both connetions for the Z5500 up at the same time?
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