hello everyone!

I recently bought a package that includes a samsung 22" but it does not have HDMI only DVI.

I got a Zotac 9800GT on the system so should I get a moniter with HDMI? How important is it? This will be used for some gaming.

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  1. HDMI is only important if you want video and audio with just one connection. Since nVidia cards do not have an audio processor (AMD/ATI cards do) this is a non-issue.

    Also integrated monitor speakers sucks anyway, although there are some monitors with an audio output jack. Meaning you connect the HDMI cable to the monitor and then connect external speakers to the monitor.
  2. Hmm ok thanks for clearing that up dude.

    um so the HD in HDMI has nothing to do with performance in games?

    I'm asking this because I think I should change my moniter because it was only like 200 bucks for a samsung 22".

    Could you recommend any other moniters by Samsung for around $300. I would want to get the most optimal performance out of my video card which is an nVidia 9800GT.

  3. HDMI can be used for gaming. Technically speaking the only difference between DVI and HDMI is the physical connector and the fact that audio cn be transmitted over the HDMI cable.

    If you want to watch a Blu-Ray movie then all you need is a video card and monitor that are HDCP capable. All modern video cards are now are HDCP capable, most monitors are HDCP capable. All monitors with HDMI connections have this capability and either DVI or HDMI ports can be used.
  4. ok thanks any recommendations for monitors?
  5. In your first post you stated you already have a Samsung 22". Why not just keep that?
  6. it was only 200 dollars... doesn't that seem cheap to you?

    I dont want just some low grade monitor from Samsung!
  7. LOL, back then that monitor would have been over $1000 to buy. If you have gotten the monitor at that price, would that makes you feel happy that you spend all that much money?

    But if you feel you have the urges to spend more then get a 24" or unless you want to spend more then get the 30" from gateway, I always wanted one of those. :)

    If you're happy of what you see on your screen then I think you'll be fine with that Samsung, as long as the monitor is fast enough of games you plan to play it with.
  8. Yea I know Samsung is a good company but I fear that monitor wont have a fast enough refresh rate.
  9. Well I don't buy LCD for their gaming performance. I buy monitors for overall quality which is why I dished out $1,200 for my 26" NEC LCD2690WUXi about 14 months ago. It has an average of 32ms input lag (2fps).

    If you want a good monitor that does not use a cheap TN panel, then consider the Dell 2408WFP revision A01 which uses a S-PVA panel. The original version had somewhat high input lag, the A01 revision is supposed to have lowered it, but I haven't seen any reveiws of it.

    Here's a few resources to begin your search:



  10. Mentioned this in another thread, but you can also consider the HP w2228h. 1680 x 1050, 3ms response, DVI/HDMI/VGA input (can switch between multiple inputs), a USB hub (I use it for mouse and keyb), and a stand that pans up and down and rotates entire display 90 degrees for portrait mode! Got it for $350 a few months back.

    Unfortunately, while prices have dropped, can't seem to find a US retailer. You can start at HP's product page.
  11. Gidden said:
    ok thanks any recommendations for monitors?


    Its an ACER 24" monitor, gotta be one of the best you'll ever see for its price. At TigerDirect.com its at around $260 and thats an amazing price for its performance, 2ms response time, 1920x1200 resolution, hdmi, dvi and vga inputs, 50000:1 contrast for solid colours. and its nice and big 24"!! I highly recommend the monitor, im gonna pick it up soon for my gaming rig.. using a 26" LCD TV, 1080i.. having some connection problems with it using an HDMI cable, sometimes the signal just doesnt pickup, the resolution doesnt go past 1280x1024 without bugging out on my TV too, so I want a use a real monitor using a DVI cable for solid gaming, and I think this monitor is my ticket to epic gaming!

    Playing on an AMDPhenomX4 9650QuadCore2.30GHz, two HD3870s in Crossfire,NZXT Tempest case, 4GB 800MHzRAM, 7200RPM 500GB HD, 750WPSU, Asus M3A78-T mobo.

    Great monitor, check it out!! Best monitor you'll ever see for $260
  12. mrmessy said:

    Playing on an AMDPhenomX4 9650QuadCore2.30GHz, two HD3870s in Crossfire,NZXT Tempest case, 4GB 800MHzRAM, 7200RPM 500GB HD, 750WPSU, Asus M3A78-T mobo.

    Stop showing off! :D
  13. That listing was for a refurbished unit, no wonder its so inexpensive. Not available anymore. $400-$520 everywhere online.
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