Hip Hop pc speakers!!

Im looking for some good pc speakers to go with my system...I dnt plan on spend anymoe than 150 bucks for some...I love hip hop music so you know how the bass goes with that!!! I want some BASS...mouth watering bass!!!! BANG BANG BANG....idc if the clarity isnt the best....BUT I do care about the bass!! BASS BASS...!!!

Thanx in adavnce!
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  1. The Logitech Z5300 is around $150 with good deep bass if paired with good soundcard like the Audigy ZS set the bass at 20Hz, not that powerful but good enough. Or get yourself an amplified Subwoofer and a $20 PC speaker.

    But both options may not be enough for what you need because Hip Hop is very demanding BASS. You’ll need a unit capable of producing 500Hz down to the lowest. So you’re goanna have a hard time looking for one at that budget, another option is to check pre-owned equipment.
  2. i heard the 2300s were pretty good for about 80 bucks online..this will prolly be played in a dorm room mostly...maybe in a living room...so it doesnt need to be 2 loud...i dnt want to get kicked out! lol
  3. Z2300s are great if you want to push a ton of bass in a dorm. I'm in the dorm myself, and several people have that setup (it works too).

    Of course, for true deep, clear, powerful bass, you need better, but you won't find anything better for that kind of budget. My setup pushes >110dB at 12Hz in my dorm room, but it was many times your stated budget.
  4. I forgot the Z-2300 uses the same sub as the Z-5300.
  5. yea in the end i bought the 2300s....they pretty nice...i havent cranked it past half yet because im scared i might kill someone!! lol
  6. They definitely have some impressive bass, though they don't go down below about 35Hz cleanly. Even so, they push out a LOT of volume at upper bass frequencies. Definitely what you were looking for :)
  7. yeaa...i see what you mean...luckily hip hop is mostly upper bass
  8. Using my Creative Audigy ZS, Turning down the sub frequency down to 20 Hz do make the sound deeper however I never measure the actual frequency.

    I think X-Fi has the same control.
  9. I've got a nice set of infinity micro IIs hooked up to mine :)
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