How to distinguish plasma from lcd

My 37inch phillips wont turn on. How can I tell if it is plasma or lcd?
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  1. If the screen is glass it's plasma. if its plastic it's lcd. There have been a few lcds with glass in front but that is rare.
  2. It must be a lcd. Plasma's are expensive.


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  3. Assuming you can get to the product label on the backside, look up the model number on Philip's website:
  4. Weight. Plasma weighs significantly more than LCD. Additionally, looking up the model number will give you the answer.
  5. ^ Of course, if it's wall-mounted, he's gonna have to take it off the wall either way :)..

    Whenever I buy a new TV or expensive electronic gear, I use my digital camera & take a picture of the manufacturer's label, mainly for insurance purposes. But it has come in handy with a wall-mounted plasma & a wall-mounted LCD, with downloading firmware updates, etc.
  6. Plasmas also typically have fans to cool the display, so noise level is a dead giveaway.
  7. astrallite said:
    Plasmas also typically have fans to cool the display, so noise level is a dead giveaway.

    Hmm, that's true as well, although the fans on my Pioneer are so quiet I have to stand next to the TV in a quiet room to hear them. And I used to have a Sharp Aquos LCD that also had fans - they were comparitively much noisier than the ones on the Pioneer.

    Another 'feature' of my plasma is that if you hold your hand up close to the screen, you can feel the heat radiating off it, seeing as how it uses nearly double the juice that my Sony LCD TV's use. Comes in handy during the cold winter days :P..

    But then the cinema picture on my Pioneer just puts the Sony's to shame, so to me the extra juice, weight, etc is worth it..
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