Weird sound from my X540 speakers.

Ok, I have the Logitech 5.1 X540 speakers for my PC. I just bought them, and it seems to be working fine except for 1 problem. When matrix is turned off, any thing I do including games, the center speaker will try to make sound, but it comes out all best way I can put it "electric squishy sound". If I turn on Matrix mode, the speakers has good sound, but some sounds are missing. Like in WOW with Matrix on, the casting sound is off, and ventrillo voices can't be heard when people are speaking. With Matrix off, I can hear everything, but like I said, the center speaker makes this weird squishy sound anytime I do something in game to make a sound, like shoot a gun. You can tell you are shooting a gun sorta but it comes out all weird sounding. I thought the speakers were broke but that didn't make sense cause when I have Matrix on, the center speaker sounds clear and normal, but like I said, with it on, some sounds in certain spots are mssing. Can anyone tell me what's going on?
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  1. Not sure about ventrillo and casting etc
    I do know, if it isnt in 6 channel direct, itll be in stereo, and the center wont play at all

    Id recheck your connections, even the sound card, sounds like to may not be fully connecting.
  2. I don't have a soundcard, I'm using my motherboard. It's an nForce 680i. I'm just wandering if the speakers are broke. I don't think they are cause they work in Matrix mode, but it's on non matrix mode that it makes that noise from the center speaker. Microcenter( I bought it from Amazon) told me they don't know what it is, and the speaker migh tbe broke even though it works in Matrix mode.
  3. The 6 chan answer is wrong i have the same prob with the larger model Logitech speeker set youtube was working fine and as where all my games. a few weeks later my speekers started up with the same sound your asking about. its nothing to do with 6 chan even when songs on youtube are stereo they play fine thru my 6 chan but now for some reason anything i play is missing low voices (higher ones play fine) and some of the songs have a tinny sound where music should be. i know this worked fine i rechecked all my plugs and nothing seems to work no speekers are broken. if any1 could reply with a fix i would be VERY happy to hear from you.
  4. I want someone please to help, i have the same problem here, i thought the speaker was broke so i changed it for another one and still the same problem , some peoples says "the problem is for your sound card drivers or your sound card itself(realtek HD audio) im using my motherboard too. But anyway has some1 fixed the problem here?
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