Psp difficulty to connecting with the router

i have called sony and not even they helped
such useless people
i have a psp3.1k
so i try to connect and it says connection error has occured.
timed out while trying to connect to the access point
i can not figure out how to do this
no one seems to be having this problem
i looked on youtube and everything
im running comcast witha netgear router
wgr614 v9
any one got any idea?
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  1. Refresh the IP address on your PSP through Network settings (basically disconnect, and then reconnect). If the problem persists, try doing whats called a power cycle to your netgear AND modem (usually a box from comcast). This requires you to power off BOTH devices at the same time (i say this just to make sure both caches are dumped and cleared without any chance to acquire info from the other) and unplug them both for at least 1 minute. Then plug them in and let them boot up. Try to connect your PSP again. If that does not work. Check to make sure your network is not password protected (WEP or similar) and if so, re enter the password. Additionally, make sure the Wifi capibilities of the PSP are compatible with your Netgear.
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