Which of these two 26" should i get ?

Hi guys,

I'm upgrading from a Dell 22" Ultrasharp to a 26" LCD

Unfortunately the Dell Ultrasharps that size are out of my price range

these are the two that i have decided on (unless you know better for similar price range)

SAMSUNG 2693HM 26"


relatively new Asus VW266H 25.5"

basically, i will be playing mostly WoW on it, and i am purchasing a Blu-Ray DVD drive for my computer (internal one), that my GTX 260 Core 216 video card will be playing so i can watch 1080p movies if i want to.

which do you think is better ? i know Samsung is like the king of monitors etc and TV's, but i've also been reading quiet a few reviews on bad back lighting etc

/thanks in advance
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  1. Hmm I would go with the ASUS on that one, the response time is 2ms, and is 40bux cheaper, but my only concern would be that it is new, i would do a lot of forum searches and read a ton of reviews.
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