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I'm starting my search for a 5.1 setup for my tv and home audio is not my strongest of areas. A little background, I've got a panasonic tc-P50G10 and connected to it a 360 using an hdmi in, a pc using the vga dsub port along with audio in associated with that plug, and the cable is comming in from the box with hd rca componant cables.
Now i would like to find a reciever capable of handling that load along with another 1 or 2 hdmi slots for future expansion options and ill be getting a dvd or bluray player at some point as well. I dont really care about it having a stero built in or anything like that i just need the speakers and above capability. And thats about where i got lost so any help would be great.
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  1. Firstly, there are some questions that need to be addressed. Do you want the receiver and speakers in one package? What's your budget? What are the room dimensions? Do you only want a 5.1 setup, or would you like to have a 7.1 capable receiver? What size speakers are acceptable? etc.

    Basically give as much detail as possible, then I (or someone else) may be able to supply you with some options.
  2. at the moment i only want a 5.1 setup but if i can get a reciever thats capable of 7.1 and only use 5 without any quility loss (i was thinknig there might be some impedence issues or something) im not nessessarly against that. I'd like to keep things under like 500 bucks, but thats not nessessarly a hard fast limit. A package deal might be nice but I'm gona be spending the money anyway so i suppose i can pick up speakers seperatly (kind of assumed i was gonig to have to) Also im highly considering wireless rear speakers unless theres a huge quility drop on those or soemthing.
    the room is about 16'x12' with an open wall to the next room about 8' from the tv a small ascii sketch is included below the dots are nothing, this this is also likely not a perm place of residence so some flexibilty may be needed here.
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