Help? Paint & darn-near unremovable sticker on my LCD Photo frame

Hey everyone,

I am in a bit of a conundrum. I got a gift from a relative who occasionally gives me freebies that she gets from her corporate accounts. It is a pretty nice digital photo-frame. It powers on, has great resolution, is mac and PC compatible... bit, there is a faintly visible red "N" stamped in the upper right corner in what appears to be paint. Right next to this is a clear red sticker that must use some kind of super futuristic glue to stay on, because it felt like pulling it off would tear the LCD screen apart. Having worked in technology for a while in the past, these appear to be sample, defect, or reject markers, but there are no defects of any kind on the screen. The relative seems a bit offended that I have not put it out yet, but I don't want to put it out with the ugliness on there and thereby say, look your account reps gifted you a reject, which you then gave to me. Long story, I know, but any ideas on how the heck to clean this stuff off? Goo-gone seems like it may be too bush-league for this sticker-glue and the paint (of course), but goof-off uses tulene (i think) which could melt the darn screen... anything in between? Anyone know what the heck this stuff is and why it's there? Any help wold be... helpful.


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  1. blow dryer will help release adhesive. My art teacher taught me that years ago.

    proceed at your own peril.
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