Best *****GAMING**** headset under ($75)

Hey guys/girls im looking for the "best" gaming headset under 75 bucks

Sound: i want something that sounds nice but im no audiophile

Comfort: i need something i can wear a few hrs playing fps games not 24/7 though

Clear: I would like it if the mic was clear so the people im speaking with in games can hear me ok

Headset's ive considered, leaning towards the Razer one atm:

RAZER Carcharias:

steelseries Siberia:


Creative Fatal1ty: (gimmick?)

ok let me know what you think, thanks :D
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  1. Anything lol?
  2. ended up ordering the Razer Carcharias ones, will post what i think of them later.
  3. i too am looking for the exact same thing ... i would like to spend a bit less though, more around $40-50. the headests the OP linked all look really good, and im having a bit of trouble finding something in my own price range

    am i going to just have to bite the bullet and spend $65-$80 to get something nice?
  4. Yea I am in same boat , and have a post of my own looking for advice , did you have any luck throrx with those headset ..

    and I bet you play eveonline with a name like that ..
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