Canon is better or sony ??

suggest which is best canonor sony ???
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  1. Sony is best because they make PlayStation and TV to connect your camera when you're finish taking pictures. :) Though Canon makes printers and scanners, so with Sony. :D
  2. Enough of this is Sony better than Canon/Nikon/whatever!

    All brands make a range of cameras -- and if you check them in the store some bear a strong resemblance to each other -- which suggests to me that they all fall off the same production line in China with only cosmetic modifications.

    Olympus and Nikon are makers of a range of serious optical equipment aside from cameras. Canon were one of the earliest Japanese camera brands.

    Sony's "Carl Zeiss" lenses have little more to do with the original German Zeiss brand than Lumix' so-called Leica lenses. It's probably just marketing nonsense.
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