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Deleting Files

System is HP XW4200 workstation with XP. I have Norton SystemWorks. When I do a scan now it takes several hours and checks over 500,000 files. How can I see the list of these files to delete? There has to be a lot of unnecessary/duplicate files there as I don't keep a lot of info on the computer. Internet temp files are regularly deleted. I run adaware, diskeeper and c cleaner along with norton as well. Never find any viruses but need to do a mass deletion. Thanks
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    first uninstall all the software that you don't use then use windows disk cleaner it will find most of the duplicates and useless files then run a disk defreg on the drive and you will be all good all the 3rd party software are useless except few like hijack this and stuff that really use there own API's to do some thing hoe this helps.
  2. Also run CCLeaner and TFC (Temp File Cleaner)

    What is Norton System Works scanning for? Not familiar with that program.
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