Audio help needed, please speak english :)

I'm trying to link the following equipment together so I can control everything through the t.v. input, please help!!! tv: LG 50pq30 (only has an optical digital audio output) Satellite HD receiver (has HDMI, component and optical digital audio output. PS3 - has coax and HDMI out Panasonic SA-PT950 receiver with only component, auxillary coax and HDMI output.
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  1. It seems that the receiver from your Home Theater in a Box only has 1 analog input on the rear and another mini plug one one the from for an mp3 player. I did not see mention of a digital input so you need to convert the optical out of the TV to analog. This will do that cheaply.

    Hook the Sat receiver and PS3 with HDMI tp the TV take the TV optical out to adaptor above the left right outs from the adaptor into the Panasonic analog audio input.
    You will not get the best audio possible but the limitation is in the Panasonic. Get a real AV receiver and it will allow more flexibility and better sound.
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