Headphones with bass?

high end headphones offer to much partitioning of sounds for me....i enjoy a light blending of bass and other sound ranges...fuzzy edges when layering music yet retaining richness and instrumentation is what I crave....basically i need more bass in my headphones....to me ...the ipod headphones are pretty dope...but they lack noise cancelling abilities and when you turn up the volume everyone in my office can hear vocals, even...

Can someone suggest high end headphones with the aforementioned qualities?

thanks in advance
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  1. My Tritton AX Pro's get VERY good bass; those are the only ones I've ever tried that actually impressed me in that category at least...
  2. Which "high end" headphones have you tried? The various high end brands sound very different, so without knowing which ones you tried and disliked, it's hard to make a good recommendation.
  3. great question......tried the shures......dreadfully squeaky...like a dog whistle....bose is better....but not quite there
  4. Hmm...

    If that's the case, you might like the sound of Denon headphones. Depending on your budget, the AH-D1001 or the AH-D2000 could be a good choice. Sennheiser are somewhat like that, but don't really have the bass you're looking for. Definitely avoid Grado - they're excellent headphones, but I doubt you would like them.
  5. thanks, dude....i'll check those out.....i was looking at the klipsch image s4
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