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MY HP keyboard does not have, that i can see, a FN button. I have a dell laptop and I use it on a docking station with a dell flat screen monitor and a HP keyboard. But my dell monitor, the one attached to the docking statioin, not the one that is part of my laptop..... is saying it it's safe mode to move the mouse or touch any key - but when I do...nothing happens. I read somewhere i should press fn and f8 at the same time. I can't find a fn on my attached HP keyboard. I can find both the FN & the F8 on my lap top but nothing happens to my attached dell monitor when I press those two....what do I do? Please help. I've been just using the monitor on my laptop, but I really prefer using my flat screen.

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  1. Can you plug the monitor to another pc and verify that it works?

    I'd try disconnecting the dock, and then reconnect everything.
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