PS3 to surround sound sytsem

hey guys i hope you can help me out..

I want to connect my ps3 to my surround sound. It may seem simple but it gets more complicated

Basically what i wanted to do was to connect an optical cable from the ps3 to the surround sound and then another optical cable from the SS to the TV. The only problem, is that the SS is fairly old and only has the in and out for coaxial cables.

Now this means, from what i know, that the only way for this to work is for me to purchase 2 optical to coaxial converters from

and have one in between the tv and SS and the the other between the PS3 and SS. With both coaxial cables from the SS going into the converters and then the optical cables going from the converters to the tv and ps3.

If you have any better ideas they are welcomed as just one of those converters is $40

Also if what i mentioned above is the best option or the only way. Would the audio be 5.1 if i was to play a movie or game on the ps3 and also while watching TV?

I hope i made a bit of sense. Any help would be greatly appreciated
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  1. First; why do you need to send digital signal to the TV when your receiver already have the signal? - Your TV can not play 5.1 anyway but stereo, so analog signal is fine.

    Second; if your receiver is that old, it might not be capable of decoding 5.1 channels from DTS or DD. If that's true then you'll get surround from stereo signal. Check your receiver if it supports DTS 5.1 or DD 5.1 and Digital Live, if not, you’re just wasting your money.

    Third; what kind (model) of tv and receiver do you have?
  2. Thanks for replying..i found a solution though after posting.

    i figured that the sound difference between optical coaxial and rca cables wasn't really a big thing since i'm not an audiophile. Hence i connected the standard rca cables from the ps3 to the reciever (not including the yellow video cable) and it worked fine and so now i have 5.1 when i play a game, watch a movie or watch tv.

    Thanks for your help
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