I Need ur help with choosing the best headset...

Hi Guys,

How are u all today ?? I hope ur fine ;)

Guys, I want to buy a surround system headsets 7.1 for my Xbox 360, and I need ur opinion in that... I have a surround system stereo 5.1 but it's not that good. So, I decide to buy a headsets surround system 7.1 to live in the games and with the movies , I want to feel like I'm in the game it self :)... But, I'm confused with these things...

1) what should I go for, 5.1 or 7.1 ??? I know that almost 95% of the movies and the game support 5.1 audio, and only a few of them support 7.1.. But, i thought that 7.1 would it be better for the future... What do u think ??

2) If I bought the 7.1 headset, can I change the output to 5.1 with movies that support only 5.1 ??

3) I searched the net and I found this brand of headset "turtle beach x41", and I heard that this one is the best one available... What do u think of it ??

Thanks a lot Guys ;)
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  1. I wouldn't go with a surround headset at all actually. A good 2 channel headset will sound better and cost less money.
  2. 2 channels? NEGATIVE. When you do games you want that 7.1 or 5.1, I do PC games especially FPS and I can tell you, 7.1 makes a BIG DIFFERECE you can here where they are comming from where the granades land so you know where to run to. I have an Icemat Siberia and at least in PC you can change from 7.1 to 5.1 wich there is not that much deference. But if you have the money don't settle for 2 channels get involve in the game. If I play CoD4 thru the stereo speakers I'm average, but with 7.1 there is no stopping me!!!!!! Also usually in most head set there is no 7 speakers is just sound like there is 7, so the decoder should be able to make it sound like there is only 5 when is a 5.1.
  3. 2 channels is all you need. Processed properly, they will give better positional accuracy than 7.1, sound better, and still be cheaper. If you don't believe that they are capable of incredible positining, listen to this:


    Note: because of the way that was recorded, it only works with headphones (preferably stereo headphones).
  4. No, 5.1 makes a noticable difference. Anyone who says otherwise has never brought a decent headset before.

    Back to the question: There are no 7.1 headsets that support the 360/PS3. The only two I know of, period, are the Razer Megolodon and the Logitech G35. Both use the USB interface because Optical can NOT transmit 7.1.

    If you want 7.1, you're only option is a dedicated speaker system using HDMI to carry the audio signal.

    5.1 is more doable, because you can transmit dolby 5.1 over the optical interface. My Tritton AX Pro's get the job done; They are my new favorite headset :D
  5. It can make a difference on source material that is not processed for headphone use, but it is primarily a gimmick that (successfully) was designed to snare gamers who think more is always better. Did you listen to the recording I linked to above? It shows the capability of 2.0 headphones to create the illusion of direction. It's pretty impressive.
  6. A decent amount of games today offer surround sound and the list is only going to get bigger. If he has the money to enjoy a surround headset he should go for it. Like gamerk316 says who ever says that 2 channels is enough has never use a good (if ever) a surround headset. If you are a true gamer, you want the most out of your game. for example: is true I can save money by playing my games in a standard definition TV, But you will enjoy it better in a HDTV, Why? because the game supports HD just like it support Dolby digital some of them Dolby Prologic II. Some games even give you the option in audio of stereo or surround. Now in stereo it might sound louder but you will get the full experience in surround. If you want take the advice of some cheapo' that rather save some money instead of playing the way it was meant to be go ahead, but I'm a game and movie freak and I hate to watch a movie in stereo when I know the movie was meant to be watch in surround. But that is just me. By the way I'm not saying stereo is bad but is just common sense that surround is MUCH better.
  7. Surround is nice. Surround headsets are a gimmick.
  8. cjl said:
    Surround is nice. Surround headsets are a gimmick.

    Do you have one? I'm going to guess no. Have you ever try one? If yes on what? Super Mario Bross? Of course you can't hear where the mushroom is comming from.

    I'm telling you, I have one, I have a Icemat Siberia that comes with a sound card that allows you to choose from stereo to 7.1 and Yes!!!! I can tell the difference. I'm not saying this from something that I read. I'm saying this from first hand experience and I'm crazy about audio and picture quality.

    I don't know how many times I have to say this, Yessss! I can tell the difference. But is ok if you don't want to believe me, I don't care, your lost, keep your stereo headset and enjoy your savings. ;D
  9. Guys Guys, relaaaax

    I got ur point, there is no need to fight here... Every one has show his viewpoint, and Thank u very much both of u 'pito' & 'cjl'...

    for me, I'm like u 'pito' I can call myself a freak in the Quality ... I'm exactly like u, I don't like to watch a movie in a standared definition when it's meant to be in HD, and this is apply to both to the games and the audio thing...

    and, what u said about playing the games in standared Tv and HDTV, is absolutely true. u can save money here but u will not enjoy the true gaming....

    and, I thank u again guys ... I will take of ur viewpoint ;) ...
  10. Back on track...

    There are no 7.1 headsets that are supported by the PS3/360. A few 5.1's are (those that use optical output/Dolby Digitial Decoding), but the only one I know of that also has a working mic for BOTH the 360/PS3 is the Tritton AX Pro's (The mic is via USB).
  11. well since its about headsets i got a question myself, what are some good headsets for around 60 bucks?? for pc, does not need to have a mic, as i got a separate one thats really good. So anything around that 60 dollar mark would be good, Im looking to use them for games, thanks
  12. I just bought a pair of Turtle Beach X41s, which are the replacements for the old X4s.

    The packaging on the box describes them as 7.1, and they do indeed work with the 360 and the PS3. The fly in the ointment is that you can not use them for voice comms on the PS3, they are simply "headphones". They are fully functioning on the 360 though.

    Also, they are not really 7.1, they are "pseudo 7.1". I won't pretend to know much about that, but it's been explained to me that it somehow fakes 7.1 using two speakers. I can't vouch for those technical details, but I can vouch that they sound quite amazing and I've noticed a lot of in-game sounds I'd never heard from my regular living room surround sound.

    They also do not process DTS, which might be an issue if that's something you want from using them while watching a blu-ray DVD.

    From what I can see, the main differences between the X41 and the X4 is that the X41 is RF (2.4ghz, i think) and the X4 is infra red, and the X4 xome with that older style D-shaped connector for connecting to the 360 controller. This means the X4 won't connect to a chat pad. The x41 come with the simpler, never style, which connects to all the 360 controllers. Both are "wireless". No wires from the 360, but there are wires from the headset to the controller for times you want to use the voice comms.

    With regards to the Trittons, they are apparently very good, but not wireless.

    Oh, and my router seems to be interfering with the RF on my X41s. Grrr

    I hope this helps.
  13. Yeah, the Trittons are FAR from wireless, but my old IR headset got screwy with bad weather, and didn't play nice with my sister (next room over) plasma TV...They also lack DTS, but Dolby Digital can be processed in any case...
  14. cjl said:
    2 channels is all you need. Processed properly, they will give better positional accuracy than 7.1, sound better, and still be cheaper. If you don't believe that they are capable of incredible positining, listen to this:


    Note: because of the way that was recorded, it only works with headphones (preferably stereo headphones).
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