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After building my ASUS P6T-I7, 12 Gig, Win 7 Pro system, I found I don't have patients for my 8 year old P4 and AGP video, XP Home system. I am looking toward an AM3 build with on-board video (GPU card in the future). I just ordered a new mid-tower case (ATX compatable) and an Ultra 550W Mod PSU. I need suggestions on a Mobo, CPU, and 4 Gig of DDR2 Ram. I will be transferring my IDE HD and optical drives to the new case. I have no experience with AMD, but I know they have good components and affordable prices. The new build will do email, Itunes and coorespondence. Any advice? My monitor is DVI or Analog.
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  1. I'm using an Athlon II 620 and I like it alot. under $99 for a good quad core cpu. There are alot of good motherboards out there by gigabyte, asus, and biostar for am3. I've used a couple biostar T-Series boards which are great because they have reset / power on the motherboard.
  2. You are thinking like me. I was just checking out the 620 and noticed the 630 is the same price @ 20 Ghz more speed. I am debating between ASUS and Gigabyte.

  3. I think the best option is the Phenom II X4 955 BE. It's $160 on Newegg.

    If you want something cheaper, I reccomend the Phenom II X3 720, its $99 dollars on Newegg.

    If price is no issue, then the Phenom II X6 1090T for $310 is the way to go.
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