How to open an olympus digicam that is being locked

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  1. Please explain more.
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    Please explain more.

    My digicam is not opening automatically, maybe I accidentally change its settings... after clicking on the power, I still have to click the left button (video/cam) to open it... In trying to fix the problem I go to settings, there I found the video/cam/ play button and I click it... options on and off appeared... at first I click on, then try opening the digicam but nothing changed... again I went to settings and now I try the off option, after I close the digicam and try to open the power again... there it is... it's locked.... I know it's my fault... I have locked it...
  3. If I understand you correctly, you are able to access the camera's menu system. Look in Settings for an option to reset or restore to defaults.

    If that can't be found or doesn't fix it, I can only suggest removing the batteries and leave them out of the camera overnight. Then reinsert fully charged batteries and see if it's okay.

    Otherwise you may have to go see the Olympus dealer.
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