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Hi. My scanner is kind of broken.

I recorded the sound, it is to be listen on here.

It's two and a half year old, and I have during that time scanned about 200 images with it. I've always treaten it good, so it should not be defect.

What happens is just after turning poweer on, it makes a terrible sound. That's because the motor inside probably doesn't know that the "moving part" (doesn't know what to call it) is already at the end position.

But after some seconds, I can still use the scanner. I call the support and he told me to pull the power cable out for half an hour - that would reset the software. But it didn't help. It's a good scanner that provide both scan results, good software and is pretty fast - and I rather spend time to repair it yhan just buy a new one.

So now I guess the problem might be due a hardware failure. What I plan now is to do the repair work myself, but I suspect that there is either a mechanical contact or a optocoupler that is defect and need to be replaced. That is I probably need the service manual to get part numbers so I can replace any damaged component inside, and also to know where I shall measure to prove what part is defect.

But - if any other has any experience about repairing scanners - I would be very thanksful for any tip.
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  1. I put up some of the diagrams here. Sorry, I can't provide any more assistance than this though:

  2. xvvvz said:
    I put up some of the diagrams here. Sorry, I can't provide any more assistance than this though:


    Thanks anyway. Now I can predict what's inside in the manner of how it's put together.
  3. I have had the same experience. I opened the top and removed one tab which was failing, and removed another tab that had long broken off and was floating inside. So far the fix works. My guess is the loose tab was getting jammed in various places, causing intermittent problems.

    Tip: to open the top remove four screws: Two underneath the front control panel, and two inside the slots where the top lid rests. I recommend locking the scanner mechanism too (gray lock tab on back, by USB connector), as there is not much holding it in if you don't.

    Thanks for the diagrams and discussion.
  4. I have the same problem with the scanner making that same noise. I figure it is a mechanical failure to do with the cogs or ribbon moving the scanner head jamming (having scanned less than 200 images). I would prefer to repair it for environmental resons, any luck with that repair?
  5. Are you sure it isn't a simple fix like the lock getting partially engaged and hanging up the moving head? Check the locks in the base and the lid. This is common over time.

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