Hp pavillion will not boot from the recovery disc

Hi everyone and thanks in advance. I have a 3 year old HP Pavillion a1700n running vista home premium 32 bit

A year ago, I upgraded the RAM (to 3gb), CPU (Antec 500W)and graphics card (nvidia 8600GT with 512 mb memory). A few months ago I had a nasty virus that with a lot of help from various tech support forums I got rid of. Around that time, my pc would get squiggly lines across the monitor (which is 4 months old) and would freeze when it went into standby mode. After hours and hours of research and trying to figure out the issue, I decided to wipe the hard drive and use the recovery discs I had made when I first got the computer. Well, it wouldn't boot from the discs - the logo HP would come across the screen looping around and around and then nothing.

So...I bought recovery discs from HP which arrived today. What happens is I put Disc 1 in and it works and says it is reformatting the disc or something along those lines and then it asks for disc 2. I put that in and it seems to be working and then squiggly lines come across the screen and the screen goes black at 42 % of the install....I have tried twice and same thing happens. I don't think it is a monitor issue because I tried another monitor a while back and still got squiggly lines.

Any ideas of what the problem is and what I can do? Is it the hard drive (its three years old).

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  1. in case this is helpful to others - on the advice from another board, I removed my graphics card and the squiggly line are no more and the recovery discs installed perfectly! The card felt really hot and I wonder if it is on its way out which stinks because I have only been using it for 14 or 15 months!

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