Does the Laptop Cooling Pad work ?????

Hi, I have a HP Paviliion DV5-1124CA and its getting really hot and eventually shutting down with no reason, so I came to the conclusion that would be overheating..... So I start to look for a Laptop Cooling Pad at ebay... but I found hundreds and I even don't know if it really works and if would be better get one at bestbuy????
If someone could help would be really appreciated....thx guys!!
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  1. You can get most of the function of a cooling pad by simply lifting the base of your notebook further off of the surface it's sitting on - this will allow more air to reach the intakes at the bottom of the machine. Also, if you haven't done so in a while, you should clean out your heatsinks with compressed air. Dust can really choke a notebook.
  2. yeah it works if your laptop isnt overheating already that much, your laptop needs to be taken apart, remove the dust from the heatsink and inside the fan, remove the old dry thermal pad and the blue pads hp's put and replace with new liquidish thermal paste. this will improve the tempreture and you wouldn't need a cooling pad after all.

    cooling pad is a waste of time, it takes cool air inside the laptop, what your laptop needs is an enternal fan that takes the hot air out.
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