How to hook up an AV amp with Logitech Z-2300 2.1 powered speakers

I have a Yamaha RXV-495 DD amp.I want a low cost solution to big boom bass for a subwoofer.I just thought could I hook up logitecg Z-2300 2.1 speakers to the subwoofer out of the amp?
The regular Subs are 200 usd plus but this is just half the price.Any take on this ?


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  1. Don't use the sub output.

    You'll need RCA male to female mini jack to plug your Z-2300 to analog audio output from your receiver and not the sub.
  2. Thanks rexter ,but just for my info. why should the sub out of the av amp not be used? the output voltage is 4v from the sub out,is this too uch for the z2300 to handle? what is the typical voltage out from x-fi sound cards from creative? just enhancing my knowledge,i hope you can be patient with dummies like me!!
  3. I don't know what is typical voltage of X-fi, the impedance or the amount of current available to drive the load of that unit, but since the power of the various signals does not necessarily apply with the output voltage of the equipment and the Z-2300 is design for to handle 1V which is standard nominal voltage, therefore it's safe to assumed like a preamp, and that is 1Vrms.

    As I suspected, you say the Amp put out 4 volts to sub? Then it's too high, you'll need an attenuator for it to work, plus the frequency difference from line signal to LFE. Tuning the sub may require a little more attention than one coming from line level output although the compensation might be more rewarding as well.
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