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We just had 2 X convergence amplifiers STK392-110 replaced ( 3rd time since we bought the TV). but although the convergence is bang on with the regular picture, when we change it to a high Definition station the convergence is off. We have a sort of blue ribbon effect at the top & bottom of the HD picture. The service people did the convergence using non-HD statons & didn't realize it was a problem & neither did I until they left. I can't get the colours to line up right while in the HD mode, so wonder if there is another problem that they didn't address?
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  1. Im about ready to do my Toshiba again as well. I replaced my STK392-100's a year ago and they are shot again. This time I am replacing them with STK392-150's and then I am going to place the television on a wooden surface so air can circulate from below. I think the carpet restricts airflow and then heat becomes the enemy.
    In addition, they should have set the convergence for HD and non HD signals. You wont be able to get the colors to line up in the user settings. You need them to come back out and finish the job.
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    Service mode is tricky to get into, and even harder to save to. Make sure you have the factory remote and get the guy back out. Most shops guarantee their work for 90 days.
  3. I went in & talked to them & called a couple more times, they said, yes they would come back, but after waiting more than 2 months for them to come back to do the convergence on the HD, I downloaded the service manual & figured out how to do the service convergence. After figuring out a couple things & a little of my time, I got it all figured out & it is working fine. Thanks for the help everyone.
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