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Hi there,
I have been getting constant blue screens of death for both SYSTEM_SERVICE_EXCEPTION and mostly MEMORY_MANAGEMENT on my new machine. I've had it about 10 days, working fine until today.

I would call their tech support, but I work literally every hour it's open every week...

I bought this computer from newegg

I tried to run the factory reset CD and it would give me an error message so I don't know if it could be a virus or just the memory?

I also ran the memtest86 that comes installed on the computer because I don't have a cd to try to install it on and boot from (and im not really sure how to do that) and it said there was no problems :\

I'm not the best with computers, please help :(
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  1. other random errors also appear like dwm.exe bad image, losing track of them all
  2. Since you state your not to savvy with computers I would RMA it since its new.

    You could try pulling out one stick of memory, test, then repeat if you have BSOD's.
  3. start with the simple stuff. power the case and check for any lose cables or ram..most times in shipping thing can get bounced a bit. if your tech i would reset the ram. if you have an older pc in the house you can use a usb memtest and make memtest boot usb stick. there also
    that has a lot of those tools and hard drive tools on it. a virus wont stop you from runing a restore cd most time it bad ram or a bad part. one other tick with bad ram is take out 1 stick of ram if the error stops swap ram..if it happens on the new stick of know one of the sticks are bad. also chekc that the mb used on the builkd you bought has all the bios updates and fixes for it.
  4. Thanks for the advice I'll see if I can figure out that stuff. I emailed the tech support and maybe I can return it if they agree it's probably not a virus.
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