Epson v700 scanner odd film size (828)?

I purchased an Epson Perfection v700 photo scanner. Does anyone know if there is a way to scan old 828 negatives with this scanner? The film strips are the same width as the 35mm film and fit in that holder. However, when the image are scanned, they do not break cleanly at the edge of the image, but instead take the image size of the 35mm object. The 828 film image size is 40x28 mm. I would purchase a custom holder if I could find one, assuming there is no way to make the 35mm holder work. Any suggestions appreciated.
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  1. You just need to manually crop.

  2. The problem is when I put a strip of 4 images in the holder, I can manually crop the first one, but the second image is scanned partially in the first image capture and partially in the second image capture and is unrecoverable as a single image. I am asking if there is any way to control that so I can define where each image starts and stops. Right now it does all this automatically and I can't see anywhere to control that. Thanks!
  3. Oh, I responded too soon! I clicked on the link you provided and it was the answer I needed. I needed to unclick the thumbnail on the preview in the professional mode to do what I needed! Thanks so much, Doug!!
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