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My son shut down the laptop holding down the power button and today this message came up. I do not have a boot disk and don't know what to do...I have been able to get the boot menu and InsydeH2O Set u Utility Rev 3.5 but nothing else...all my college work is on it and not backed up so I am in panic mode now...what do I do
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  1. could be loose connection, could be a dead hard drive, is the hard drive activity light light up? Check the manual to see where the hard drive is and remove and reinsert it back in.
  2. if you have another pc make a and boot from it. try some of the disk tools. it may be that the mbr is damaged and can be fixed. if the drive is fine but needs the system restore to run..hirum has a mini xp boot you should be able to boot from it and copy your work over to a usb stick or ext hard drive. one thing to check see if your son changed anything in the bios. i would go in and set it to factory default and re boot and see if the hard drive boots.
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