Gaming Advice: P4 3Ghz HT - 1GB DDR400 - Mobility Radeon 9700

Hi, I just dusted off my old laptop (Dell 9100) Gave it a good clean inside and out 100% dust free etc etc. How good is the Mobility Radeon 9700 for gaming? It's currently 128MB/128Bit dedicated.

I was hoping to play Call of Duty 4 on it. The specs are as follows:

CPU: Pentium 4 - 3.0Ghz 1MB Cache HT
RAM: 1GB DDR PC3200 (2x512MB)
GPU: Mobility Radeon 9700
LCD: 15.4 Widescreen 1280x900

How well will it play? Can it play on low-medium @ 1024x768? with decent frames?...

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  1. Anyone?
  2. I'm not sure that COD4 will even run on the laptop. I looked up the minimum system requirements and they say that a Radeon 9800 Pro is the bare minimum for the game and that's a desktop card. Even if you could get the game to play, I don't think it would run all that smoothly.

    You don't really have much to lose by just installing the game and giving it a shot. The worst that's going to happen is that you will waste 30 minutes of your time on a failed experiment. It's not like your laptop is going to explode, lol.
  3. I agree with lostandwandering. Even if the game did play, it wouldn't well...but if you already have the game, why not try anyway?
  4. Well, I remember playing it on a 7200GS (which is worse then the 7200GT) so... The only problem is, I don't have it anymore and I need to go out and get another one. Just didn't want to waste the money.
  5. The 9700 is much older than the 7200. If you don't have the game, I wouldn't bother getting it.
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