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hi, my friend is looking for a cheap waterproof camera, he is a surfer so it will be mainly in the sea and taking pictures of waves and people surfing (I live in South Africa) he wants something cheap and we have come across a very cheap camera it is a megxon wp52 the specs are as follows

(12Mega Pixel(Max), 2.7" TFT LCD, Waterproof, Face Detection, Smile Shutter, DI(Digital Video), Camcoder, Voice Recoring and Memo, Slideshow Playback)

now what do they mean by max next to the 12 megapixels? and is this camera any good as it is unusually cheap in my country and i cant find any helpful reviews on it.... in my country it was rebranded as corex, i couldnt find any reviews on a corex but then i used the product code of the product and I realised it was a megxon wp52, why would the rebrand it though? any thoughts? is it a decent enough camera?

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  1. The first refernce I found for the Megxon camera suggested $99 retail price. It's probably just a Chinese unbranded product with zero support. No, I don't know what 12 meg (max) means -- typical weasel stuff.

    For around 50% more you could get a brand name camera such as this Fuji:
  2. problem is any other camera we have found is double the price all the name brands are expensive, but this thing has a 3 year warranty so if it dies we could return it and if they cant fix it they will have to replace it, so i dont know
  3. I would REALLY reccomend the GoPro HD Hero Surf.
    The Surf pack has included mounts for surf boards.
    If its to expencive, buy the GoPro Wide, and then buy the surf mount by it self for 20usd.
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