How can I play PS3 on my CRT monitor?

My monitor is Flatron 77FT and it doesn't support HDMI and my VGA too :cry:
only my motherbord has HDMI input :sweat:
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  1. No. Your monitor expects to receive an analog signal and the PS3 only produces a digital signal. There are expensive (and not very effective) devices available to perform such conversions, but you would be better off just buying a new monitor with HDMI inputs and a 16:9 (1080p or 720p) format vice the 4:3 you have now. Sorry.
  2. i can't buy a new monitor and im ready to do anything to make it play in my old monitor
  3. Then you will need something like this device:

    A good HDMI monitor (Asus) like this one costs the same as the converter after rebate:

    Good luck!
  4. you mean if i got that converter device will it works? with sound and everything?
    sorry my english is kinda bad and i can't understan well *_*
  5. Yes, with that device you should be fine. Good luck!!!
  6. thank you so much (K)!
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