DO NOT BUY IT paid U from Harvey Norman.
It had nothing but mouse pad probs, then died within 2 months. Warranty won't fix it. I am an experienced tech. What a pain to disassemble. Not for the faint hearted. Incompatible parts. Waste of $700. DO NOT BUY ONE
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  1. I am surprised a tech bought a compac! or hp! didnt' you know they're crap laptops i mean all of them, cheap plastic, 1000's of screws, daughter boards everywhere
    a huge motherboard comparing to the rest, stupid cooling and low quality resistors.

    sorry to hear you lost 700$, but if it died they're bound to fix it with warranty or did you open it yourself prior to warranty
  2. I also bought one of this unit (CQ40-AU), I have used it more then two years. I don't face any trouble at all except lousy DVD drive which have problems in reading some of the DVDs I have and, the battery lifespan is short.

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