Windows 7 won't install on new build, please help!

I turned on my computer for the first time today (new build) and got to the BIOS just fine. It recognized all of my hardware, and everything seemed to be fine. I put in the windows 7 install disk (OEM - system builder pack 64 bit - home edition), and i get the following screens. Widows is copying files, then windows is starting, then the screen turns black with only my mouse pointer on the screen (it's movable). I let is sit there for 30 min. and nothing. I tried again several times and it does the same thing every time. What do I do?

My system:
Intel i5 with Asus P7P55D-E PRO
XFX Radeon 5850 Black edition
Seagate SATA hard drive

Also, I don't know if this changes anything, but I haven't installed any drivers or other software or anything.
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    Try installing Windows 7 from a flash drive. Since you got through the hard drive partitioning part of setup, you don't need any drivers... 7 should be installing just fine. If the flash drive doesn't work, post back and let us know...
  2. Oddly thou, I have had troble installing Win7 x64 before... But only the 64bit versions.
    I have had a P.c sit and do nothing for what seems like forever while on the test counter, and then it just starts up again and continues the install like nothing happened. But again i stress this is only on x64, never happens on 32bit??? Weird i know!

    DO you have a 32bit ver.? If you do try that and see if your rig takes the install...
  3. Since this is a new system, I assume you are using a SATA drive. If so check your BIOS setting, should be AHCI (unless you are planning a raid setup).

    Try selecting custom install. When you get to the screen that ask where to install. Remove all partitions and (your choice - create multiple particians ie for a C and a D drive, or partition the whole drive ( C only). select the partition you wish to install windows on. It will probably add a vey small partition (ie 100 Megs) DO NOT try to install on this partition.
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