Which is the better Purchase!?!?

I am currently looking at purchasing a new laptop....and i have looking at the new HP envy 15 or the Dell xps 16 or the new Asus G51J series laptop....i jus wanted to know which would be the better buy in general....i want a decent gpu to play modern games but also portable. Any suggestions!?!?
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  1. Performance wise G51j > Envy 15 > XPS 16. The Dell's HD 4670 is the weakest of the group. I haven't seen performance numbers for the HD4830 that comes with the Envy 15, but notebookcheck.net is expecting it to perform better than the 4670. The GTX 260M in the G51 is the best of the group. Since they all come with mobile i7 processors, there isn't going to be a difference there. As far as price, I can't comment since the Dell is the only one with a price tag on it yet (around $1300 base price).
  2. Thanks for the reply....i like the hp envy 15 because its really portable and has a decent gpu and can be upgraded to 16gb of ddr3 memory, where as the new G51J can only be upgraded to 4gb ddr3...despite it does have a really good gpu!!! The dell xps 16 caught my eye for its price........but is the envy 15 worth the money!?!?
  3. ^ I didn't see a price on the Envy. How much do they want for it?
  4. They start at $1699 with base config hey!!! g51j or envy 15!?!?
  5. The GTX 260 > the HD 4830. If gaming is your biggest concern, it's the G51j all the way.

    edit: I think the starting price for the G51 is lower too.
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