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Hey Guys,
first of all I'm not sure if I am on the correct category, if not I'd ask a mod to move it.

Ok.. I'm looking for a big tv. More than 50". I know that that from the point of view of the quality a 40" with 1080p will be better since the resolution is tha same so on a bigger size bigger at the pixels... Ok.. besides that as the girls denied on public but affirm with their friend.... the size matters jajajaja.....
well I'm moved to a new appartment... and I'd love to have a big tv....

Talking about technology, after reading a lot i think I would go with a Plasma... since basically I will use it for sports, console games, and may be for some movies.

I was checking also some Led LCD... but I think they are pretty expensive and not sure if I should go with them.
Also, I have a friend who has one feature pretty cool on his tv: PIP so he can divide it in parts and watch in the case of basketball games 2 at the same time... don't know.. it's cool but I', not sure how many time I'll use it..

ok, my idea budget will be no more than 1000, but I could extended it up to 1300...

thanks in advance for all your answers..
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    52 inch Sharp 1080p HDTV with a 120hz refresh rate for $1,150.94

    No shipping, no sales tax, no LCD waste fee.

    Bought one not too long ago and it's a hell of a deal without having to pay tax and that annoying lcd waste fee. I was ending up paying 94 dollars of tax anywhere else so Amazon was awesome.

    And if you can deal with open box products, you should look into amazon warehouse deals.

    a comparable tv that would only cost you $898 shipped and tax free.

    In open box warehouse deals, they get in depth descripton of what you're buying. So if a unit was simply opened or has a damaged box, it would be listed as so. If a unit is slightly dinged up, they'd say so. I was able to score a nice HDTV as a pc monitor this way at a fraction of the cost. It was listed as simply repackaged and that's what it was. Torn box that couldn't be sold as new but the insides were new and had all the proper wrapping and the remote was even sealed. Hell of a deal if you seek out for it.

    They have 30 day return policy for these as well if you're unsatisfied.
  2. Oki, at the end and after doing some research I think I will buy this tv:

    let me know what do you think.
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