Dell Inspiron B130 issue !

hello ppl

i got a dells inspiron B130 which was operating ok , but today cant turn it own anymore, when i plug it in the AC socket w/o a battery , the notebooks lights start flashing , sys wont boot up, could it be the adapter or the power socket ?

thax for any suggestions [8-|]
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  1. Hi newcomer and welcome to the Tom's hardware forum.

    Do you try without battery BUT with the AC adapter connected?
  2. yes 1st with adapter and no battery, as i plug it in the AC socket, dont even press the power button , and still the green lights flash, and if i try just with the battery , once flashes and thts it!

    could it be the adapter?
  3. Can you test the laptop with another adapter?
  4. nope dont have one :(
  5. That's a problem, because without another adapter I think that we can't if the problem is the adapter of the laptop.
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