Philips CDR775 repair parts

my display has gone out and I just got it back from the shop and they told me there is no parts for it? can you give me any help???
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  1. These CD recorders are a horribly unreliable product line in my and friends' experience. It's not only Philips' models but -- perhaps because this series has been so unpredictable -- I don't know of any remaining stockists.

    As for repairs -- the display probably isn't what has failed. I have a Marantz (Philips-made) CD player where the display apparently failed but, in fact, the issue was linked to the CD drive module.

    The Sony RCD W100 seems better and costs about the same but it is rather large -- and "audio" CD-R blanks are hard to find and vastly overpriced (in the UK anyway).

    Frankly, I would switch to using one of the new solid state recorders and then transfer to CD on a computer if needed. You can also record direct to computer if you have a decent sound card.
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