Monitor not letting me have a 1920x1080 - resolution

Hello everyone,
I have a new computer and monitor.
It worked perfectly and the monitor was installed emmediately without me doing anything. So it all worked perfectly - until one day my SSD broke. So i had to send the SSD back - and got a new one.
Great, I thought, now it will all work perfectly again.
But, as I have finished everything and be happily in my account, my monitor wont let me set the 1920x1080 setting...its not even listed.
OK, I thought, then I will install the driver. So I installed it from the CD delivered together with the monitor when i got it, but theres still no 1920x180 - setting listed.
I tried nearly every driver download for my monitor and searched nearly the whole internet for solutions, but it was all the same. as highest the highest two are 1856x1392 and 1920x1440 - which looks horrible.
So, the best resolution is 1400x1050 - which is just too wide.
I don't know what to do I'm really desperate...
My monitor is the Samsung SyncMaster S22A300 LED-Monitor with, as said, 1920x1080
Shall i contact the management?
Please help me!!!
(Windows 7 64-bit)
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  1. What MOBO do you have and do you have a GPU or are you just using integrated graphics?
  2. first what video card do u have?

    download the latest driver from either Nvidia or ATI

    then unistall any and all drivers from normal windows

    then boot into safe mode and uninstall the video device and any left over drivers

    then boot to normal windows again and install the latest driver you downloaded previously
  3. You need to update your video card driver, not the monitor driver. As Chugot9218 asked, what video card (make/model) are you using? If you are using the integrated video adapter on your motherboard, what make/model is it?
  4. ^ great advice, Not a Monitor proble but a GPU driver missing.

    day late and a dollar short.
    Had you spent 15 minutes of time and imaged your SSD using windows 7 backup, You would not have had this problem. In fact when you recieved your New SSD you could have booted the ompute to EXACTLY as it was with in 15->20 Mins. No reload windows, no wait for windows updates, no reload drivers, no reload programs.
    Just stick windows repair disk in - point to where the image was stored and 15 mins later, walla, bang, thank you -DONE bck up and runing.
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