Mic problem. Gamecom 367 Plantronics headset and Realtek driver

I am having my Gamecom 367 headset. It started out fine. Then it got super quiet. Now its not recording at all unless I blow really hard into the mic opening directly, and even then its really soft. I think it might be a driver problem. I have Realtek driver, and I have had some registry problems with it in the past. When I go and look at the audio output master controls it lists "rear pink port" in the volume list (which is where I have it plugged in). When I go to input master controls, I can't change the settings and it doesn't seem to be connected to the headset. The headset seems to be of a good make so I don't think that its just breaking down. Any ideas? Did I provide enough info?

EDIT: I checked it on a friends computer. Same problem. So its not the driver. So am I right in assuming that its the fault of a hardware breakdown in the mic itself?
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  1. If the mic is detachable, try inserting it directly into the port (as opposed to the headphones).
  2. Its not. I am just sending it into them for warranty. Thanks though.
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    i actually have basically the same problem. just installed windows 7, and apparently, im extremely quiet, the mic barely picks up anything. people have to turn me up on ventrilo to 800% when im talking normal. I love plantronics headsets, but ive been noticing their mics are extremely quiet sometimes. any drivers or something that could fix this?

    I use windows 7 ultimate NFR, have realtek audio manager
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  5. I had the same problem I am running Windows 7 and I went into the Mic properties and found the mic volume and turned up the mic volume and the boost and now they sound awesome.
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