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who makes the newer p4 ibm motherboards they are newer type in the M50 thinkcentre computers I need pinouts for the front usb as they are not the standard types. thanks
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  1. It is the standard type but is not activate in bios
  2. For anyone else searching after all this time like I was for the oddity that the M50 front usb board connector is. The answer goes along with the previous one.

    Yes it's the standard usb 4 pin dual row pinout. When looking at the mother board port and the IBM screen print right side up

    2 4 6 8
    1 3 5 7 9

    Port 2 Vcc U- U+ G
    Port 1 Vcc U- U+ G G

    Pin nine is indeed ground! BUT in order to sense this extra front port hub in bios, you MUST tie all ground together. I just short jumpered my stock case usb 2 port header so pins 7 8 and 9 were tied together.

    The native OEM front port panel connector jumpers these in the black main shell....

    My normal case ports now work perfectly!
  3. ppuskari is bang on. In my case the front panel USB block had the hole blocked off where the number 9 pin on the motherboard is so it was Dremel time to clear it.

    Jumpered 8 to 7 and 7 to 9, enabled Front USB in the Bios and it worked. I never tried enabling Front USB in the bios only, worth a shot to someone. I'm not gonna take the jumper wires out now.

    Now does anyone know how to hook up a Front Audio cable block to the AFP2 port?
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