Planning to get a 26" LCD - is it too big?

Hey guys,

I'm planning to get a Samsung T260 26" LCD Monitor for my new Core i7 rig that's gonna have a EVGA GTX 295 Graphics Card. I'm just wondering is 26" too big for a desktop monitor?? Right now i'm on a 5:4 19" LCD Monitor on my old desktop, so i'm kinda worried about the comfort level with this thing. Is it comfortable for normal usage like web browsing, word processing..etc etc?

Would like to hear your opinions and thanks in advance.
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  1. You cannot be too thin or rich or have too big a monitor
  2. Nice and very informative reply..thanks :P
  3. As long as you have the desk space for it, then why not?

    I have a 26" NEC LCD2690WUXi on my desk.

    Basically it depends on your preference. Go to a store and check out any 26" monitor. I sit about 20" away from my 26" monitor when doing casual work and maybe as close as 18" when gaming. Find out what range is comfortable for you.
  4. Go for it. I upgraded from 19" to 28" mainly for photoshop and premiere.
    Now I wish to win a Lotto to get 32" and build i7 skulltrail.
  5. thanks for the replies guys, appreciate it :)
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