What happen to ATI 5770 video cards in Dell's lineup?

Why did Dell stop offering ATI 5770 video cards in XPS 8100 and 9000 desktops?
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  1. because of the driver issues!
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    Is it the driver issue? The rumor mill, and I emphasize RUMOR, is that the power supply provided with the 8100 didn't have enough juice to power both the 8100 playing a game and doing something else. I.e. they were having lots of issues with them.

    If it were a straight driver issue, the likelihood would be that Dell would pull all the ATI products from their systems. They haven't. The default card for the 8100 is the Radeon 5450. Its a decent card if you intend to surf but lacks the horsepower to do much in terms of gaming.
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  5. I MISQUOTED it was a driver issue with win 7 64 bit systems!
  6. I noticed the 5770 is back on Dell's website however it isn't being offered on any systems. Hopfully it was taken off due to supply issues.
  7. Hi all,

    My folks just ordered me a Dell 8100 with the i7 2.8, 8GB Ram, and the 5770 video card. The unit is suppose to arrive June 25th does anyone know if they have solved the problem with this card or do I need to get on the phone and cancel this system. Thanks all for your help in advance; also this is my first post anywhere :O
  8. I ordered and recieved a system just like yours(i7-860, 8GB, 5770) a couple weeks ago. So far it's working great and I'm very happy with it.
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