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HI i have a budget of 200$ i would like to buy a point and shoot camera and i dont have any knowledge or experience in buying cameras.Can any1 suggest me a good camera for 200$ (+25$ if its really worth it) in us.I need it for just taking good photos i dont care about the video recording but the quality of photos should be excellent,also i do not like touch screens.
can any1 please suggest me a good camera with all those factors in mind.
thank you
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  1. At that price point, Canon SX210 IS, Fuji F80EXR and Panasonic DMC-FH20 are a good buy. But I chose Canon over the other two but Fuji isn't far behind. Since I don't mind shooting at 6 Mega pixel.

    Read some review here.

  2. Before you make the plunge, read some reviews and take suggestions from the forum. Don't aim too low when choosing a camera. I've never heard anyone complaining that the camera they bought is too good.

    Don't rule out used and refurbished cameras from dealers and manufacturers.

    Camera Reviews





  3. yea, nowadays the cameras are so cheap. Personally I like canon powershot for entry level camera.
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