CPU fan on my laptop won't start. What do I do?

I was vacuuming the dust out of my Toshiba M105 laptop while it was running. I tried sucking the dust out of the CPU fan and it immediately stopped and Ubuntu automatically shut down.

I've tried rebooting and so on, but I can't get the fan to start. When I reboot into windows, it runs okay. But when I run a stress test, the CPU temp quickly shoots up to over 80C and keeps going up, before I stop the test to prevent damage. How do I fix this?
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  1. sounds like you broke the CPU fan, should be cheap to replace if its a stock heatsink
  2. Yeah, somehow you broke the fan.

    Never use a vacuum by a computer, for any reason.
  3. [*** am I supposed to get the dust out?
  4. Yes, but not with a vacuum - try an air compressor next time. :hello:
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