Alien/NEC DVD Drive Install Problem

Please help. I purchased an NEC DVD/RW ND-3520 drive from New Egg to stick in my several years old Alien PC. I removed the existing DVD drive and stuck in the new DVD RW. The old drive was set to slave. I set the new drive to slave.

Long story short the machine will not recognize the drive as a DVD RW drive--it still thinks it is only a DVD. In my computer it shows as DVD and when I try to burn a disc in Nero it only see THE OTHER drive, a CDRW.

I'm at a loss to know what to do here.

the computer has three drives, a hard drive, a CDRW drive and a DVD RW drive.

Any ideas? I suppose I could change the setting to cable select ...?
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  1. Which version of Nero do you have?
    Not all versions burn DVDs.
    Does BIOS recognize the drive correctly.
    For some DVD burners it's recommended to set them as master.
    Put your CDRW as slave and the DVDRW as master in the other cable.
    That's all I can think of.

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