Acer keyboard is not working

help me
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  1. is it not working in windows, or not working in bios.
  2. not working in windows on my laptop.keypad is beeping
  3. help plz
  4. keypads shouldn't have an audio port. its most likely the computer/laptop thats beeping, which usually beeps if there is a missing piece of hardware, or driver.(moreso the former). Worst case scenario is a broken keyboard.
  5. is there any solution to solve it
  6. when running into keyboard problems, I have only encountered ones where keyboards didnt work during windows installation. If its a usb keyboard, the most i can say is turn on legacy drivers in bios(if you can) or try a different usb port. if its a laptop keyboard, I wouldnt know how i would approach that situation, as I havent personally had experience helping someone or aiding someone with a broken laptop keyboard.
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