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I think I have an odd question, or at least one where the answers aren't obvious from google searches. I am going to buy a new computer and here is what I want to do with it....

1) Run graphics intensive engineering programs, e.g. ProEngineer (my 4 y/o computer with a decent graphics card for the time chokes on Pro/E), Autocad etc..

2) Put 2 users on the same computer simultaneously. Two monitors, two mice and two keyboards(I want to invest in only one computer for my wife and I). It has to be able to run World of Warcraft at fairly high graphics settings for the both of us at the same time.

3) Be reliable and upgradable.

4) Do all the above without a hiccup. I hate the hourglass.

Is this even possible? What kind of hardware do I need to pull this off? In particular my questions surround the processor, video card and RAM. Do I need 2 OS's? Should I get a workstation or standard PC?

I plan to buy the computer from Dell (I am unwilling to build it myself). My budget is about $1000 for the PC alone.

I have done a little research and am more confused than when I started. The forums have really helped but not too many people are asking about the compromise between good gaming performance and engineering software performance. Thanks in advance for your help. The people on this site are the most knowledgeable and polite I've found.
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    1) Certainly possible, if your line of work requires you to use this software at an intensive professional level then a workstation PC with a Quadro/ FireGL GPU would be best suited to this.

    2) Impossible. All modern systems are single user.

    If you wish to play games on it as well then a workstation system will NOT suit you. Workstation hardware cannot be guaranteed to work with 3D gaming applications.

    3) Possible, pre-build systems can have quite extensive upgrade options with only case layout and PSU limiting them.
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  3. I read this and my first response was to say it wouldn't work. Apparently, I was wrong. I've never tried it but someone here has.

    The original poster of that thread mentions it wouldn't really work for gaming because of how the drivers are handled in a VM and from experience with VMs you'd need a boatload of RAM
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